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Cancer support = survivor???

Why is cancer support only about being a survivor? I recently contacted a local cancer trust to enquire about retreats that they now run not far from where I live. Regrettably I do not feel that I would be welcome at the retreat because the focus will be life ‘after’ cancer because they expect those …

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Personal ‘chronicling’ helps depression

I notice on a weekly medical news newsletter that there has been a study about ‘Personal website chronicling improves depressive symptoms in women with breast cancer’ http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/releases/264770.php What is most interesting to me is the effect that it had o The effects were particularly strong for women in active medical treatment, most of whom had …

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Acceptance is the new Pink

Or it should be. Right now, for me and in relation to breast cancer, Pink is about breast cancer survivorship and a community that I don’t feel a part of. Pink also happens to be my favourite colour, and the pretty pastel shades that to me are warm, comforting and embracing. This room has pink …

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Metastatic Breast Cancer … culture?

I have just watched a TedMed video on youtube and it started me thinking; you may have heard the noise of the rusty cogs moving. Andrew Solomon came to realise that there was a vibrant ‘horizontal’ culture in the lives of those who, for instance, are deaf or are dwarves just as there is a …

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The Forgotten Army

During World War Two the British 14th Army fighting in Burma considered themselves to be the Forgotten Army, even though they were the largest Army in WW2. The press paid little attention to what was going on there and focused on North Africa and the European theatres. By the time the Japanese surrendered and those …

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Mork calling Orson, come in Orson …

I am in a bit of a Limboland at the moment.  My desktop PC just stopped working while I was downstairs putting some washing in the machine and my internet provider is rubbish and I have to change it anyway because my niece was paying for it and now she is on maternity leave and …

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How much does the Pink Ribbon represent who I am?

Am I a Pink Ribbon? If you had asked me a few years ago when I was first diagnosed I would have said yes, and I embraced the whole Pinktober thing.  And now, I hear you ask.  Now I know that I am not a Pink Ribbon, and I say this not only with bitterness …

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Advocacy for an individual

I was trying to find out what happened to some of my friends on Inspire who I haven’t heard of for a while.  This can be difficult as a members use screen names and don’t always give many details to be able to identify them, and I have just realised that I don’t necessarily ask …

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Health Communications and Health Advocacy

With deep understanding, health communicators can engage and inspire change, whether in individuals or in society as a whole.


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