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Encounter with Dr Susan Love

Not me, of course, but a friend in New York went along to an Interview, Q & A, buffet event at the last minute a couple of days go and got to ask questions at the mic and speak to Dr Love during the evening. As a fellow METAvivor her questions were directed about the …

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1 in 5 cancer trials fail to complete

http://www.cancernetwork.com/asco-2014-genitourinary-cancers-symposium/one-fifth-cancer-clinical-trials-fail-complete?GUID=A1E7C055-6042-44DA-8269-BFF034C741FF&rememberme=1&ts=07022014 I came across this in a newsletter I subscribe to by e-mail. It is staggering that 20% of cancer clinical trials fail to complete, and only 1% of those is due to the efficacy of the drug or some other adverse event. When I think how difficult it seems to be to get a …

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I wish I had breast cancer – advert by Pancreatic Cancer Action in the UK

Evidently an ad campaign has been running on UK commercial TV which has a pancreatic cancer patient saying she wished she had breast cancer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDU1XEAWkxE&feature=youtu.be I do understand the message, and I do understand the lack of funding for pancreatic cancer research but there are also frustrations for those of us with Metastatic Breast Cancer …

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Cancer support = survivor???

Why is cancer support only about being a survivor? I recently contacted a local cancer trust to enquire about retreats that they now run not far from where I live. Regrettably I do not feel that I would be welcome at the retreat because the focus will be life ‘after’ cancer because they expect those …

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When Pink works

When Pink does what we all want it to do it is great, but too often it is diluted in the wash by companies that see profit first and foremost. Pink doesn’t need to be washed, Pink can be perfect just as it is. http://blog.dslrf.org/?p=1774 What is needed is for the confidence in Pink to …

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Moving on …

October/Pinktober is over for another year. Phew. I made it through with a bit of my sanity intact and the potential to get the rest of it back during November as the veil of the Magic Month is drawn back to leave us with 11 months of the truth of what breast cancer is, and …

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Contributing to breast cancer research

It is now over six years ago that part of my body was cut off because of cancer. A part of that breast still exists and may be helping researchers get a better understanding of how breast cancer works. I donated the tumour to a tissue bank which was being set up centrally in the …

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Is October really about Awareness … or fundraising?

Even in the UK we get emails etc in October about things that various Breast Cancer and general Cancer charities are doing about fundraising … hold on, back pedal, isn’t October supposed to be about Breast Cancer AWARENESS? The name of the month would imply this, but it all seems to be about MONEY and …

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4 April 2014 Stage IV Breast Cancer Day in the UK

Not sure I can get the ball rolling on this, but I thought this video might help, and the facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1420485158172456/

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Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses

Isn’t this almost the ultimate definition of the Pink Ribbon movement? A world tinted pink. The rosy glow of survivorship and that all will be well. Pink is actually my favourite colour which somehow makes things all the worse when I think how this colour has been used and abused. What we really need in …

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