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The original creator of the BC awareness ribbon has died

If you have watched the film Pink Ribbons Inc you will be aware of the story of Charlotte Haley who designed the first breast cancer awareness ribbon, which was a salmon or peach pink shade. When she was contacted by Evelyn Lauder of Estee Lauder who wanted to use it she realised that it had …

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Moving on …

October/Pinktober is over for another year. Phew. I made it through with a bit of my sanity intact and the potential to get the rest of it back during November as the veil of the Magic Month is drawn back to leave us with 11 months of the truth of what breast cancer is, and …

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Is October really about Awareness … or fundraising?

Even in the UK we get emails etc in October about things that various Breast Cancer and general Cancer charities are doing about fundraising … hold on, back pedal, isn’t October supposed to be about Breast Cancer AWARENESS? The name of the month would imply this, but it all seems to be about MONEY and …

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Pink and Positive – does it work?

Pinktober is coming, the countdown in hours and minutes has begun, and there is no avoiding it. A whole month of propaganda about how being Pink and Positive can help you survive breast cancer. Personally being a bit blue with mood swings thrown in works better for me. What twit ever came up with the …

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Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear … 1 Step

Doesn’t it just seem as though some times we are just going round and round in circles? As a Teddy Bear wannabe, who plans to come back as a pampered bear with a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, I can imagine myself going round and round the garden paws behind my back and thinking …

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Stage IV Awareness Day – 4.4.2014 … why not?

The only breast cancer charity in the UK which takes any interest in advocating for Metastatic Breast Cancer is Breast Cancer Care (BCC) which insists on using the term ‘secondary’ breast cancer as though we come in second place to PRIMARY breast cancer. A survey in the UK showed the 77% of those who responded …

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It is not just products that have been PinkWashed

It is people who have been PinkWashed by the whole of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After all, ask the average person what they think BC Awareness is and they would probably say – PINK ribbons. We have been brain washed by PinkWashing. We all like to think that something we buy is going to support …

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Cause Marketing – charity or business?

Cause Marketing is at the centre of the Pinktober / Pink Ribbon movement. It is about a company being seen to be ‘giving’ to a cause, rather than sharing a small part of the profit they make from using the cause. It is about the consumer making a fashion statement, almost as much as it …

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Here and Now ?

This came to my attention today, and who would have guessed that 81% of UK respondents to a Novartis Oncology commissioned survey are aware that early breast cancer can be treated to the patient is free of the disease, but 77% were unsure of did not know that advanced breast cencer cannot be treated so …

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3 March 2013 – any idea what is going on?

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation have declared this day as the inaugural Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) Day.  Congratulations to them for having the nerve to break away from Pinktober and have 3/3/2013 as Triple Negative day.  I have come to the conclusion that there is no point in fighting for attending during Pinktober (October …

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