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What will this year be like … I wonder

What will my future be … I wonder.  I should be so excited to be out in the world to be free … Yes. The Sound Of Music was on TV over Christmas / New Year again, though I only caught a snatch of it, but the year 2013 … not sure I like the sound …

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Are we not entitled to be happy?

I was just reading a fellow Metster’s blog and it started me thinking (could you hear the grinding of cogs where you are?); why do so many people expect us to be miserable and suffering bravely? http://tellingknots.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/its-cancer-not-a-stubbed-toe/#comment-1312 I work in a college and went back to work yesterday after the summer holidays.  Not a wonderful …

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With deep understanding, health communicators can engage and inspire change, whether in individuals or in society as a whole.


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About 30% of people diagnosed with breast cancer at any stage will develop distal metastasis. I am one.

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