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Fallen Angels – Oct 2012 to Sep 2013

This is a list of those who I have known who have died from Metastatic Breast Cancer since the last Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This list includes several who were born in the 1970’s and these are just those from North America. Some of them are remembered with block on our remembrance quilt. I would …

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Acceptance is the new Pink

Or it should be. Right now, for me and in relation to breast cancer, Pink is about breast cancer survivorship and a community that I don’t feel a part of. Pink also happens to be my favourite colour, and the pretty pastel shades that to me are warm, comforting and embracing. This room has pink …

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How do we get involved?

Is there really anything that I can do to really get Metastatic Breast Cancer at the centre of the breast cancer community?  I seems to be a daunting task but I think it is one that can be achieved.  I think, maybe more like hope, that the world is getting a bit more real about …

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The Young Ones

There is a misconception that Breast Cancer is a disease of older women.  How wrong can you be?  Whilst the majority of those who develop breast cancer will be over 60 there are many who are in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s who also have the disease and who die from the disease.  There …

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Think ‘Singing In The Rain’

Yes I know that sound a bit daft, but I am good at daft, I can do daft.  Stick with me kid and I might make this whole thing clear (I said might so stop heckling from the cheap seats!).  Actually I was just thinking (you probably heard the grating sound in the US, though …

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Lost Inspiration

I belong to a forum called Inspire, and I call the members the Inspirettes.  Sadly we lose members on a frequent basis, and when I was looking back I began to realise that of those replying to a certain post I am the only one who is still alive.  Of course there are even more members …

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It is my way, or the highway

Ok, so after the non-start to my new post at work that was so noticeable about last week, and the promise of at least a temporary perch on a desk with a phone, today I decided to just get on with it and do it my way.  Frank may have done it his way in …

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Advocacy for an individual

I was trying to find out what happened to some of my friends on Inspire who I haven’t heard of for a while.  This can be difficult as a members use screen names and don’t always give many details to be able to identify them, and I have just realised that I don’t necessarily ask …

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Health Communications and Health Advocacy

With deep understanding, health communicators can engage and inspire change, whether in individuals or in society as a whole.


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