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Page 3 and Coppafeel

In the UK there is a newspaper called The Sun which has printed photos of topless girls on its Page 3 for as long as I can remember. It is the kind of paper that many buy it because of its ‘excellent sports coverage’. It is rather sad that in 2014 a newspaper is still …

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Sandy, stop it now and play nicely

I have been thinking of everyone in the path of hurricane Sandy and hoping that you are all safe and secure.  I can’t get on to facebook this morning so I can’t check how things are doing.  Maybe it is based in New York City … who knows. Here, in Tunbridge Wells in England, it is …

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How do we make progress?

I have been thinking today, how do we make progress with getting Metastatic Breast Cancer recognised when so many of those with the disease feel the need to deny that the breast cancer has spread? I suppose it depends how you were diagnosed.  In my case I had actually just gone back to work while …

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The significance of the day

I have just notice that it is the 18th of September.  This is memorable for two reasons.  First it was the day my mother was born in 1921, and second it was five years ago today that I had my mastectomy.  The fact the it is the anniversary of my mothers birth is the only …

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About 30% of people diagnosed with breast cancer at any stage will develop distal metastasis. I am one.

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