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Choosing your treatments

I have now lived with Metastatic Breast Cancer for 5 years and 5 months. The hospital initially told me that I had six months, possibly a year and that my only treatment would be palliative and to try and slow the beast’s path of destruction. So here I am 65 months later. Each of us …

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23 April – St George’s Day and oncology appointment

St George is the Patron Saint of England … you know … the dude who slew the dragon. It doesn’t get celebrated quite as enthusiastically as St Patrick, Andrew or David, but it should be. This year I will be having my three monthly check up with the oncologist and as I haven’t had any …

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Meditation is also an Advocacy Challenge

I have been doing Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge which is just coming to an end.  I freely admit that I am a few days behind because I just haven’t got around to it some days.  Sometimes this is because of fatigue and others I have just forgotten about it if I didn’t have the …

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Reinventing the wheel

Why do we have to keep reinventing the wheel?  This occurred to me when I read a post by someone on Inspire about the exploitation of the Pink Ribbon in all it’s forms – so why do we need to keep reinventing the wheel?  Because the biggest ‘manufacturers’ of the wheel keep ignoring that not all …

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Time is valuable

How many of us have gone through life not noticing the passing of time?  Yes, it is marked by birthdays and anniversaries, but do you really notice each day, or do they merge into a largely faceless past? The diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer triggers the response that I don’t have time.  But how much …

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So many with MBC think that no one cares

“The first time round I never had to cook a meal and everyone came to help”.  “The first time round the hospital couldn’t do enough to support me, but this time it seems to be ‘here is your next appointment and there is the door’”.  “The first time round” is of course having Early Stage …

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What is between Early Stage Breast Cancer and End of Life?

If you ask just about anyone who has just been diagnosed as Stage IV the answer would probably be a flood of tears, and the inability to put a sentence together in any coherent fashion and a terror of the unknown.  Now four years and nine months down the line from my official diagnosis, and over 5 …

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Cancer has the power of Death over me, and I have the power of Life over it.

Finding a way of dealing with something that fundamentally changes your world can take a while.  It did for me because I had no support from other METAthrivers.  Not having contact with others in a similar situation makes understanding what it happening very difficult.  When I was told that my cancer was considered incurable and would …

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