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Page 3 and Coppafeel

In the UK there is a newspaper called The Sun which has printed photos of topless girls on its Page 3 for as long as I can remember. It is the kind of paper that many buy it because of its ‘excellent sports coverage’. It is rather sad that in 2014 a newspaper is still …

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Generic Drugs – good choice, or bad?

I was interested to read this article from the New York Times this morning about the way that generic medication is seen in the US. In the UK it has long been the case that doctors must prescribe generic meds unless specifically stated on the prescription. This has saved massive amounts of money which has …

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Survivor? You talking to me?

Dr Susan Love has written a blog about how she feels about being called a survivor now that it is about a year since her bone marrow transplant. http://blog.dslrf.org/?p=1598 I have written a couple of comments, and so have many others. The thing is, can any of us be called a survivor of cancer, and …

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Is Awareness the replacement for innovation?

I have just watched Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business Part II and at the end of the film Dr Julian Whitaker, MD, says something along the lines that the ‘out-reach of Awareness doesn’t cure the disease’. WOW that phrase really made me think. Breast cancer has become about Awareness, but where is the serious work …

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It is about more than just a Pink Ribbon

The Pink Ribbon has become the symbol of breast cancer. The symbol of support, of caring, of donating to ‘the cause’. Many of us have heard the anger of those with other forms of cancer who think that breast cancer gets way more than its fair share of the cake and in some ways I …

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Acceptance is the new Pink

Or it should be. Right now, for me and in relation to breast cancer, Pink is about breast cancer survivorship and a community that I don’t feel a part of. Pink also happens to be my favourite colour, and the pretty pastel shades that to me are warm, comforting and embracing. This room has pink …

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Here and Now ?

This came to my attention today, and who would have guessed that 81% of UK respondents to a Novartis Oncology commissioned survey are aware that early breast cancer can be treated to the patient is free of the disease, but 77% were unsure of did not know that advanced breast cencer cannot be treated so …

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Breast Cancer Apartheid

Apartheid – A policy or system of segregation. The most infamous use of Apartheid was in South Africa where the population was segregated according to race. It was a system that I found baffling when I started to correspond with a girl in Durban when I was about 10. She sent me a rough map …

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Reinventing the wheel

Why do we have to keep reinventing the wheel?  This occurred to me when I read a post by someone on Inspire about the exploitation of the Pink Ribbon in all it’s forms – so why do we need to keep reinventing the wheel?  Because the biggest ‘manufacturers’ of the wheel keep ignoring that not all …

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Starting a web site

I have been thinking about starting an Inspired Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy website.  The only problem is that I know bugger-all about websites and I don’t really have the finances to start anything too grand – or at least to splash out on something that I have no idea how it works.  So far the …

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