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Feeling better, getting worse

Things have gone more than a bit pear-shaped of late, on the cancer front at least. What were just small possible liver mets on a 22 Jan 2014 scan have rather taken off and are now causing my platelet count to drop, as well as my liver function. Last week I was switched from Letrozole …

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Hippy 6th Birthday

It was 6 years ago today that my right hip was replaced because of a pathological fracture caused by a large metastatic tumour which was about to cause my hip to collapse. If it had collapsed it would have been much more difficult to mend it and get me back on my feet. Somehow I …

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Pink and Positive – does it work?

Pinktober is coming, the countdown in hours and minutes has begun, and there is no avoiding it. A whole month of propaganda about how being Pink and Positive can help you survive breast cancer. Personally being a bit blue with mood swings thrown in works better for me. What twit ever came up with the …

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How do we get Metastatic Breast Cancer to be the focus?

Somehow I found my way to looking at some videos about the 2020 Breast Cancer Deadline campaign (not sure I am so keen on the dead part of it myself), and I noticed that there is a video supporting it from Bill Clinton, whose mother died of breast cancer. http://youtu.be/8aKHAcrZhl4 I mentioned, a bit tongue …

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The Elgar Cello Concerto

The only good music is the music that I like. It is the same for everyone, if you love it, it is good music. I may not agree, but that is immaterial. I have loved the Elgar Cello Concerto for many years, but I actually got to hear it played live by Philip Higham at …

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Choosing your treatments

I have now lived with Metastatic Breast Cancer for 5 years and 5 months. The hospital initially told me that I had six months, possibly a year and that my only treatment would be palliative and to try and slow the beast’s path of destruction. So here I am 65 months later. Each of us …

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Metastatic Breast Cancer … culture?

I have just watched a TedMed video on youtube and it started me thinking; you may have heard the noise of the rusty cogs moving. Andrew Solomon came to realise that there was a vibrant ‘horizontal’ culture in the lives of those who, for instance, are deaf or are dwarves just as there is a …

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Coming Out …

My name is Victoria and I have Metastatic Breast Cancer.  I have had a diagnosis of bone metasteses for 4 years 355 days (applause) and I have incurable cancer. I have been thinking that it is about time we all came out of the closet and declared to the world that we are living with …

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What will this year be like … I wonder

What will my future be … I wonder.  I should be so excited to be out in the world to be free … Yes. The Sound Of Music was on TV over Christmas / New Year again, though I only caught a snatch of it, but the year 2013 … not sure I like the sound …

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Emotions and trust

Emotions are normal, especially when you are dealing with MBC, but this aspect is often overlooked by the medical profession, and is misunderstood by us as well.  Who is going to accept this diagnosis without emotion?  Who leaves the hospital and punches the air with delight?  There is no right, or wrong, way of dealing …

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