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1 in 5 cancer trials fail to complete

http://www.cancernetwork.com/asco-2014-genitourinary-cancers-symposium/one-fifth-cancer-clinical-trials-fail-complete?GUID=A1E7C055-6042-44DA-8269-BFF034C741FF&rememberme=1&ts=07022014 I came across this in a newsletter I subscribe to by e-mail. It is staggering that 20% of cancer clinical trials fail to complete, and only 1% of those is due to the efficacy of the drug or some other adverse event. When I think how difficult it seems to be to get a …

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The Perfect Diet for your Soul

I guess this is what I have been searching for of late. This is nothing to do with food or nutrition, but what feeds your soul and brings joy to your life. What brings meaning to your life. I have struggled with this for many years, and especially since my diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer. …

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When Pink works

When Pink does what we all want it to do it is great, but too often it is diluted in the wash by companies that see profit first and foremost. Pink doesn’t need to be washed, Pink can be perfect just as it is. http://blog.dslrf.org/?p=1774 What is needed is for the confidence in Pink to …

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Contributing to breast cancer research

It is now over six years ago that part of my body was cut off because of cancer. A part of that breast still exists and may be helping researchers get a better understanding of how breast cancer works. I donated the tumour to a tissue bank which was being set up centrally in the …

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It is not just products that have been PinkWashed

It is people who have been PinkWashed by the whole of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After all, ask the average person what they think BC Awareness is and they would probably say – PINK ribbons. We have been brain washed by PinkWashing. We all like to think that something we buy is going to support …

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Treating the patient, not just the disease

http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-10464/3-reasons-mainstream-medicine-is-failing-you-what-to-do-about-it.html#comments I have just come across this in a daily newsletter I receive and it raises several important points. 1. Why do doctors not treat each patient as an individual, rather than as a walking disease? One medicine does not fit all. 2. Why are supplements and alternative treatments disregarded so much of the time, …

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Personalised Medicine

The promise of a treatment regime which is tailored to your exact cancer genotype and allowing the patient to have the drugs that will work best for them and their cancer type has been on the horizon for, well for those of us with Metastatic Cancer, almost a life time. It is always just around …

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Is Awareness the replacement for innovation?

I have just watched Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business Part II and at the end of the film Dr Julian Whitaker, MD, says something along the lines that the ‘out-reach of Awareness doesn’t cure the disease’. WOW that phrase really made me think. Breast cancer has become about Awareness, but where is the serious work …

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Treatment moved on to Denosumab (AKA Xgeva)

I had my first dose of Denosumab (AKA Xgeva) early in May and everything seemed to be fine. I can’t tell you what a relief it is not to have to have a cannula put in every 4 weeks and then hooked up for the Zoledronic Acid (AKA Zometa, Zoledronate). Now instead of spending an …

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Finally! Human genes can not be patented.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that companies can not patent human genes and stop others researching specific genes or developing tests. http://bcaction.org/2013/06/13/victory-supreme-court-outlaws-human-gene-patents/ Why on earth was the patenting of human genes permitted? How could one company be allowed to ‘own’ a human gene and dictate what tests and research could be done with …

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