Straighten up that Tiara and fly right, farewell Shelli

This is a piece I wrote In Memoriam on Inspire about my cyber friend. Missing her already.

Shelli, aka TiaraGurl died on 13 or 14 February 2014 (It is difficult to really tell with the time difference, I am in the UK). A wonderful and feisty woman who was blessed with a beautiful singing voice, Shelli was very active on facebook until recently and had a wide circle of friends who responded to her no matter what time of day it was. She was 49 years old and had a grown son, Brad, who was with her when she passed.

Shelli was first dx with Metastatic Breast Cancer in 2009 and she joined Inspire in January 2010. It had been a few months since she posted and in December 2013 she had WBR to try to deal with brain mets. She had extensive bone mets, and on 13 February 2013 she had a rod inserted into a femur, but even the pain didn’t cause her to lose her sense of humour. Evidently she used to exchange text messages in church with a friend who tried so hard not to laugh that she almost passed out. She also wore her tiara to church in her platinum blond hair (or red, or …) and I wonder if she ever wore it when she sang in the choir. I would rather like to think that she did.

Shelli is survived by her son Brad, mother Willa, three sisters, Bethanee, Karri and Kendra, and two brothers Ray and Boyd. I hope I got their names right.

She had a blog called The Dirty Pink Underbelly and a facebook page of the same name and the focus of her writing was the fact that Metastatic Breast Cancer isn’t PINK and it isn’t pretty and more should be known and understood about our journey. She disliked the Pink Ribbon and thought that we should have something else to represent us … see her blog.

We never met, but she became very special to me as we shared our journey. Eventually she found the strength to embrace that journey with humour and determination whilst railing against her fate and worrying what Brad would do. She gave the alligator a run for its money and got in a few good punches. Shelli make sure your tiara is well fixed in place and have fun with those wings!


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