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Is Advocacy worth the effort?

The Pink Ribbon has steamrollered over breast cancer, and while its message might be reassuring and safe it is not the real message. The real message of breast cancer awareness is that Metastatic Breast Cancer still kills about 450,000 people globally each year. The real message is that even if the cancer is caught at …

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There is something missing … the “Inconvenient Truth” of breast cancer

As someone who has lived with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) for over 6 years I have long noticed that there is something missing; and we are not talking about my left boob here. When I was diagnosed with MBC I took a brief look at the statistics. Didn’t dwell there long because I …

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Letter re: Komen and Kohl’s campaign imagery

Dr. Judith A. Salerno, c/o Komen’s HQ, 5005 LBJ Freeway, Suite 250, Dallas, TX 75244. Dear Dr Salerno, I am writing to register my disappointment that Komen, in their partnership with Kohl’s department stores, has chosen to use the imagery of an elephant for their campaign, in what would appear to be a clear rip-off …

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Straighten up that Tiara and fly right, farewell Shelli

This is a piece I wrote In Memoriam on Inspire about my cyber friend. Missing her already. Shelli, aka TiaraGurl died on 13 or 14 February 2014 (It is difficult to really tell with the time difference, I am in the UK). A wonderful and feisty woman who was blessed with a beautiful singing voice, …

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1 in 5 cancer trials fail to complete I came across this in a newsletter I subscribe to by e-mail. It is staggering that 20% of cancer clinical trials fail to complete, and only 1% of those is due to the efficacy of the drug or some other adverse event. When I think how difficult it seems to be to get a …

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I wish I had breast cancer – advert by Pancreatic Cancer Action in the UK

Evidently an ad campaign has been running on UK commercial TV which has a pancreatic cancer patient saying she wished she had breast cancer. I do understand the message, and I do understand the lack of funding for pancreatic cancer research but there are also frustrations for those of us with Metastatic Breast Cancer …

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Scans … how do you pass the time?

I always take a book with me whenever I go anywhere near a hospital. In fact I now carry a book almost all the time so that if I stop for a drink or something to eat I can read a chapter or two. The book has even come in handy when I have been …

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