When Pink works

When Pink does what we all want it to do it is great, but too often it is diluted in the wash by companies that see profit first and foremost. Pink doesn’t need to be washed, Pink can be perfect just as it is. http://blog.dslrf.org/?p=1774

What is needed is for the confidence in Pink to be brought back, and more than that, the integrity of Pink. Back in the day I thought that Pink stood for something that I wanted to be a part of. Something that I thought had meaning. Now? Now you need to check anything Pink to find out if it is the real thing, or just a mirage of Pink in a desert of greed.

Can we revive Pink? Is there hope for the Pink patient? I would like to think so, but it will take a change of attitude for many organisations and companies to truly understand that the whole ethos of the ‘Breast Cancer Industry’ needs to change and be more patient centred. It is results that are needed, and progress – real progress that can be measured in years of life and the reduction in side effects from the various treatments that are available to cancer patients – regardless of the type of cancer that you have.

Pink needs to integrate itself with other colours of the cancer ribbon rainbow; it should not be allowed to be seen as a colour that is superior than any other. Cancer may have different forms, but there should be a much greater exchange of information and the use of techniques to the benefit of all. Cancer, and cancer treatments, are seen as belonging to a particular person, organisation or industry; as a source of career progression and profit.

Cancer is a killer, and Pink is just a colour; and I am just another human being with incurable cancer who would like to have some hope and faith that Pink is not just a beautiful colour, but also an ally and advocate for my well being.


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