Internet, schminternet

I think my internet connect has decided to come back. For the last couple of days it has been disappearing constantly and has basically been driving me mad. I have had to step away from the computer a few times so we didn’t gang up on the internet connections modem thingy and give it what for!

I don’t think I really realise until times like this just how essential my internet connection is to my life. It gives me the ability to express myself and communicate with others, and it also gives me so much news and information. Of course it can also take me off at tangents and I can find myself wondering what on earth it was that I was looking for in the first place.

There is good and bad, reliable and dodgy, funny and serious information here; but one thing I do know is that it has become an essential part of my life. However, there is a difference between having no access to the internet when I am away from home, and being deprived on my internet connection in my own home by a ‘thing’ that just refuses to do what it is supposed to.

I love email. I tend to be a bit scatterbrain, and I can remember what I need to do at 11pm or 5am, which are not really convenient times for contacting others. So before I forget again I can ping off an email and make sure that the information is going to the right person, even if the time isn’t right to do so. It also means that there are times when I can go back over something and check that it says what I want it to say, and that I have covered all the things I wanted to mention, and all without having to make more that one call.

Social media also makes it possible to connect with others and hold conversations with several people at one time. Where would my life be without facebook? Some people don’t want to go on facebook, but the beauty of it is that you can control who you have contact with. You don’t have to have five thousand friends when fifty would just be the idea number for you, or even just 10. Certainly for advocacy and sharing information it is the easiest way to do this to a group of people.


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