Fallen Angels – Oct 2012 to Sep 2013

This is a list of those who I have known who have died from Metastatic Breast Cancer since the last Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This list includes several who were born in the 1970’s and these are just those from North America. Some of them are remembered with block on our remembrance quilt.

I would like to add two personal friends here in the United Kingdom who died this year
Angela WOODS

Name born died
Marsha Ann THOMPSON 19-Mar-53 04-Oct-12
Kristine Komm STEVENSON 27-Oct-12
Laurie Ann FRITZ 05-Jan-64 28-Oct-12
Barbara Lynn THIBODEAUX c 1955 31-Oct-12
Christine A L THARION 17-May-62 08-Nov-12
husband of Faithfulwife c Oct 1969 12-Nov-12
Lisa Marie TRAVERS 10-Oct-61 17-Nov-12
Pamela Mary JUDGE 19-Dec-55 20-Nov-12
Ann Marie (Kelley) WEAVER 16-Jan-71 28-Nov-12
Jeanne Gaye YORK 16-Jan-55 30-Nov-12
Pati Lynn Christensen YORGASON 26-Sep-50 01-Dec-12
Irene PALASZ 19-Feb-48 10-Dec-12
Jessica Terese RODRIGUEZ 18-Aug-76 10-Dec-12
Julie E STERNAGLE 23-Jun-69 15-Dec-12
Kelly A Marzec YOST 11-Nov-59 24-Dec-12
Kelly J ROGERS 07-May-68 24-Dec-12
Jane Keenan (Leonard) TURNER 02-Jan-47 28-Dec-12
Melissa Ann EVERLY 30-Dec-12
Janet Deann PECARICH 15-May-65 03-Jan-13
Rosa 06-Jan-13
Wendy d’ENTREMONT 18-Apr-58 12-Jan-13
Amy A R (Larson) KIESER 20-Apr-67 14-Jan-13
Dina Kay MOUNTCASTLE 18-Jul-69 18-Jan-13
Kim Soby BARBER 19-Jul-61 18-Jan-13
Laura Mutch St JACQUES 07-Oct-63 19-Jan-13
Elizabeth Bell MOORE 25-May-62 21-Jan-13
Lori (Gill) GRENNAN bc 1977 21-Jan-13
Patricia J LOUDENBACK 20-Jul-62 22-Jan-13
Natasha TURNER 25-Jan-13
Ellen Elizabeth (Sands) ECKERT in 1949 31-Jan-13
for mum of Healer 400 bc 1930 13-Feb-13
Jean Marie BYLSMA 20-Jul-61 13-Feb-13
Michal POE 16-Feb-13
Carole Lynne AUSTIN 18-May-58 18-Feb-13
Sylvia aka Curlee c 1931 Mar-13
Susan Francis (Newberry) BIRDSONG 05-Apr-71 08-Mar-13
Donna PEACH 26-Mar-13
Jean Marie BASSETT 29-May-63 31-Mar-13
Karen Jo Morgan KAMALU 11-Jul-57 01-Apr-13
Rene Marie Pisel WALKER 01-Apr-13
Diane Erclauz KOWALSKI 20-Jun-44 12-Apr-13
Jan Stockman SIMONDS 17-Nov-36 14-Apr-13
Patricia Anne Johnson KNUDSEN 09-Dec-29 15-Apr-13
Sharon A GREEN 14-Aug-52 23-Apr-13
Susan Ellen Elizabeth ‘Suellen’ ENSIGN 14-Nov-68 26-Apr-13
Diana M LEONE 28-Sep-45 27-Apr-13
LaVonda Smith BIRRELL 31-Jul-49 03-May-13
Tobi Lauren (Geman) KLONECKI b 1971 07-May-13
Bonnie KALLEN 16-Jan-53 09-May-13
Karen NOBLE 10-May-13
Sharon Kathleen ‘Kathy’ OSBORNE c1953 18-May-13
Jennie CABBINESS 05-Dec-61 26-May-13
Maria B (Hoogstrate) WETZEL 14-Oct-44 27-May-13
Karen K SMITH 19-Apr-67 28-May-13
Lori Kay DOWIE-REESER 15-Feb-60 03-Jun-13
Rev Andrea Rachel HAGEN-ARNDT bc 1942 06-Jun-13
Terry DOVE-SWALL 1954 09-Jun-13
Christine Frances (Myl) PENDLEY 03-Oct-70 12-Jun-13
Carrie SWEARINGEN Mereu 20-Oct-64 14-Jun-13
Nancy Ellen ROYER? 30-Aug-50 17-Jun-13
Celeste Marie COCHRAN 01-May-59 18-Jun-13
Suzan R “Suzie” MICKEY 30-Jul-66 19-Jun-13
Elaine M De VRIES 20-Jul-30 22-Jun-13
Barbara Bosma GARLOCK 14-Jun-60 23-Jun-13
Lillian PARTAC 03-Dec-80 26-Jun-13
Jamie Moore MANSFIELD 16-Aug-61 03-Jul-13
Regina Poppell BREWSTER 04-Jul-54 14-Jul-13
Kimberly Ann CASAMASSIMA 07-Aug-64 18-Jul-13
Katherine A BORITZKE 22-Apr-56 04-Aug-13
Cindy GORE 13-Jan-48 09-Aug-13
Barbara HOFFSTETTER 25-Oct-41 11-Aug-13
Carla Jo McMAHON 16-Jul-48 17-Aug-13
Janice Marie McALLISTER 20-Jun-63 22-Aug-13
Rebecca Kaye TOGHIANI-DOULATABADI 12-Jul-57 03-Sep-13
Julie Beth (Siminoff) SISSKIND in 1961 11-Sep-13
Katie STORY c 1970 12-Sep-13
Susan KUBALA 25-Jun-71 18-Sep-13
Madge “Midge” Anita Osborne VICE 22-Jul-42 24-Sep-13


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  1. Sorry, this came out in nice columns when I wrote it. The information is the name, date of birth (for some), and date of death

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