Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear … 1 Step

Doesn’t it just seem as though some times we are just going round and round in circles? As a Teddy Bear wannabe, who plans to come back as a pampered bear with a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, I can imagine myself going round and round the garden paws behind my back and thinking as only bears with stuffing between the ears can think.

There are so many vested interests and egos involved with breast cancer that it is difficult to think of a way to make a change. There are so many who only seem to be able to see what they can make out of being connected with breast cancer, rather than how much they can give to make a real difference to those with breast cancer. There are so many who just seem to want to go along for the walk, run, cycle ride, sky dive without much thought as to what is happening to the money raised.

Are you aware that to take part in the Komen 3-Day walk you have to raise a certain amount before you are allowed to take part. Just raising money doesn’t cut it “•All walkers must agree to raise a minimum of $2,300 for the 3-Day® in order to walk.” Why not just charge a flat fee to take part and ask those taking part to then raise as much money as possible. What happens if you have a low income, and live in a low income area? $2300 is a lot of money to raise.

So back to walking round the garden and this bear begins to wonder what some of these non-profits are ultimately there for. Isn’t it the cause that comes first and is the central focus of everything they do? Seems money has overtaken the cause somewhere along the line and so has The Brand and The Message. Virtually no cancer can have a straight forward message like don’t drink infected water, I guess lung cancer can come close but there are still many who get that form of cancer who have never smoked. So why the need for such uniformity of message – get a mammogram, early detection saves lives, which should be early detection can same lives. The insertion of the word ‘can’ into the slogan is, of course, just not on message. However wouldn’t it help to make people aware that they have to do something about being aware of symptoms, rather than just relying on a machine, and someone else to do it for them.

After all isn’t Awareness something that we should be taking a proactive part in?


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