Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses

Isn’t this almost the ultimate definition of the Pink Ribbon movement? A world tinted pink. The rosy glow of survivorship and that all will be well.

Pink is actually my favourite colour which somehow makes things all the worse when I think how this colour has been used and abused. What we really need in the breast cancer community is to Think Outside The Pink, because I think the Pink bubble is close to bursting. I have talked to a couple of people this week and both know about the pink ribbon and awareness, but what they didn’t know about was the lack of research funding and support for those with Metastatic Breast Cancer.

The only charity in the UK who seem to take an interest in MBC, or what they chose to call ‘Secondary’ breast cancer is Breast Cancer Care. However, as of this morning which is 24 days before MBC Awareness Day on 13 October 2013, they are not able to announce what they are doing to raise awareness of MBC. This doesn’t really give much time to get the press involved now does it, especially when they have probably had their breast cancer stories all wrapped up for weeks already, or in the case of magazines, they are probably already in print. In fact in the UK there is very little awareness of what MBC is, partly because there is an insistence on calling it ‘Secondary’ Breast Cancer as though it is not as important as Primary, Early Stage, Breast Cancer.

I once wrote to my MP about proposed EU regulation of supplements and mentioned that it was so important to me because I have MBC. He replied that he hoped I would get better soon! If a Member of Parliament has no idea … where do we go from here? I have written to local and national papers and never received any acknowledgement. I just don’t know what to do to get those with influence to listen. When I tell individuals they are receptive, but the media … it isn’t Pink and that is all their rose coloured glasses seem to be able to focus on.




    What about Lorraine Kelly on GMTV? Or Gloria Hunniford?
    It is shocking to read of the miserably low percentage of funding directed for research for MBC. I am inelligible for participation in many studies because I am not truely menopausal!!

    • Gloria Hunniford might be a good idea because of her daughter. Lorraine Kelly, I know she has done some MoonWalks but does she have another connection to breast cancer?

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