What do you think of when you see that word?

Some would think of a seriously annoyed person telling others something they don’t want to hear – inflammatory speech, anger.
Some would think of inflammation of their body from arthritis or a pulled muscle, a mouth sore … – inflammation of the body.
Some would think of something bursting into flame – inflammatory fire, arson.
Some would think of passion – inflammatory emotion, love.
How many would thing of Inflammatory Breast Cancer? How many even know what this exists?

Breast cancer awareness focuses on Pink and Lump and being a Survivor, so it is difficult to get the message over that this is not always the case. Breast cancer can be Male, it doesn’t have to have a lump, and sadly over 400,000 a year will die of the disease this year. Or the population of a city the size of Atlanta.

Inflammatory breast cancer cannot be detected until it is Stage 3, which means that it is serious from the get-go. There are different symptoms to look out for, different tests to diagnose IBC and different treatments. No lump? Still cancer.

Just because it doesn’t have a lump doesn’t mean that this form of the disease is any less aggressive; in fact it is more aggressive and is more difficult to treat because there are fewer protocols designed for IBC. If you want more information go to and if you, or someone you know has ANY changes in their breast please get them to have it checked out by a doctor and the sooner the better as IBC can spread rapidly.

Please watch the video below and if the symptoms are all too familiar get to a doctor asap. Please share the video to help raise awareness of this most lethal form of breast cancer. It is pink, it has no lump and we want many more to be survivors of IBC. So next time you hear something Inflammatory think breast cancer first.


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