Stage IV Awareness Day – 4.4.2014 … why not?

The only breast cancer charity in the UK which takes any interest in advocating for Metastatic Breast Cancer is Breast Cancer Care (BCC) which insists on using the term ‘secondary’ breast cancer as though we come in second place to PRIMARY breast cancer. A survey in the UK showed the 77% of those who responded had no idea that Metastatic, or Advanced, Breast Cancer cannot be cured

So what is BCC and other breast cancer charities in the UK doing about making us the focus of research and support? I really am not sure. MBC information is tucked away on the website and if you click on the Secondary Spotlight link you seem to go through to a separate site. There are evidently about 30,500 people living with MBC in the UK so why are we covered in a cloak of Pink? Why does MBC only get one day during BC Awareness Month? And to add insult to injury they chose the 13th of the month which is associated with bad luck (and I can say this having been born on the 13th of a month).

So BCC and other non-profits, how about campaigning for 4.4.2014 to be a Stage IV, Metastatic Breast Cancer day, just as the Triple Negative groups in the US are establishing the 3rd of the 3rd as TNBC day.

Since we are lost in Pinktober, how about our own day right away from the whole Breast Cancer = Survivor thing?

Stage IV Breast Cancer Awareness Day – 4.4.2014


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  1. Hi, Vickie, thanks for your blog! I lost one of my best friends from childhood to metastatic breast cancer (she was diagnosed Stage IV in April of 2008). She passed away on August 16th, 2012, but not before raising over $200,000 dollars for her foundation, the Lucyfund, through the National Foundation for Cancer Research in the US: keep up your fight and perhaps you can partner with Lucy’s foundation. Check it out!:

    I am going to send your blog to Lucy’s son, Nick, who is now heading up her foundation.

    You have the numbers right….it is so maddening that we are funding the wrong end of this plague and nobody realizes it. Thanks for writing. I will be following now! –PK from Princeton, NJ

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