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Pink and Positive – does it work?

Pinktober is coming, the countdown in hours and minutes has begun, and there is no avoiding it. A whole month of propaganda about how being Pink and Positive can help you survive breast cancer. Personally being a bit blue with mood swings thrown in works better for me. What twit ever came up with the …

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4 April 2014 Stage IV Breast Cancer Day in the UK

Not sure I can get the ball rolling on this, but I thought this video might help, and the facebook page.

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Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear … 1 Step

Doesn’t it just seem as though some times we are just going round and round in circles? As a Teddy Bear wannabe, who plans to come back as a pampered bear with a wardrobe full of clothes and accessories, I can imagine myself going round and round the garden paws behind my back and thinking …

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Seeing the world through rose coloured glasses

Isn’t this almost the ultimate definition of the Pink Ribbon movement? A world tinted pink. The rosy glow of survivorship and that all will be well. Pink is actually my favourite colour which somehow makes things all the worse when I think how this colour has been used and abused. What we really need in …

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Youll never believe what I just saw on facebook!!!!!!

Someone at Komen knows how to spell Metastatic Breast Cancer. Ok so it is the local Los Angeles chapter, but it is a start. A baby step, but a start. So if any of you with MBC live in the Los Angeles area and are free on 5 October, you just might like to …

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What would I say to the Media … about Komen

Susan G. Komen For The Cure has suggested that those of us with Metastatic Breast Cancer (aka Stage IV, Advanced or Secondary Breast Cancer) contact our local newspapers and media outlets to get them to feature awareness of Metastatic Breast Cancer. So here are a few facts that you might like to highlight. • Metastatic …

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What do you think of when you see that word? Some would think of a seriously annoyed person telling others something they don’t want to hear – inflammatory speech, anger. Some would think of inflammation of their body from arthritis or a pulled muscle, a mouth sore … – inflammation of the body. Some would …

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Stage IV Awareness Day – 4.4.2014 … why not?

The only breast cancer charity in the UK which takes any interest in advocating for Metastatic Breast Cancer is Breast Cancer Care (BCC) which insists on using the term ‘secondary’ breast cancer as though we come in second place to PRIMARY breast cancer. A survey in the UK showed the 77% of those who responded …

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