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It is not just products that have been PinkWashed

It is people who have been PinkWashed by the whole of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. After all, ask the average person what they think BC Awareness is and they would probably say – PINK ribbons. We have been brain washed by PinkWashing. We all like to think that something we buy is going to support …

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“A wise soul opens the window to the future by closing the doors to the past.”

Is it really possible to close a door on the past? After all the past can be so familiar and the future so unknown, and if you have cancer it can also be scary. Living in the present moment is the wisest way to live. From here you can learn to cherry-pick from the past …

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How do we get Metastatic Breast Cancer to be the focus?

Somehow I found my way to looking at some videos about the 2020 Breast Cancer Deadline campaign (not sure I am so keen on the dead part of it myself), and I noticed that there is a video supporting it from Bill Clinton, whose mother died of breast cancer. I mentioned, a bit tongue …

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YouTube videos

I have been working on some videos which I have posted on facebook, but a friend suggested that I post them on YouTube to reach a wider audience. – Breast Cancer, No Lump, Still Cancer – It’s not just about mammograms – Breast Cancer Awareness – Metastatic Please let me know what …

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Personal ‘chronicling’ helps depression

I notice on a weekly medical news newsletter that there has been a study about ‘Personal website chronicling improves depressive symptoms in women with breast cancer’ What is most interesting to me is the effect that it had o The effects were particularly strong for women in active medical treatment, most of whom had …

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Cause Marketing – charity or business?

Cause Marketing is at the centre of the Pinktober / Pink Ribbon movement. It is about a company being seen to be ‘giving’ to a cause, rather than sharing a small part of the profit they make from using the cause. It is about the consumer making a fashion statement, almost as much as it …

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Mindfulness and Me

I don’t think that I have ever really written about the trial that I took part in which was to see how Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) techniques could help those with Metastatic Breast Cancer deal with their diagnosis and the emotions and depression that frequently accompanies such a diagnosis. Although studies have been done …

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Survivor? You talking to me?

Dr Susan Love has written a blog about how she feels about being called a survivor now that it is about a year since her bone marrow transplant. I have written a couple of comments, and so have many others. The thing is, can any of us be called a survivor of cancer, and …

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Treating the patient, not just the disease I have just come across this in a daily newsletter I receive and it raises several important points. 1. Why do doctors not treat each patient as an individual, rather than as a walking disease? One medicine does not fit all. 2. Why are supplements and alternative treatments disregarded so much of the time, …

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Personalised Medicine

The promise of a treatment regime which is tailored to your exact cancer genotype and allowing the patient to have the drugs that will work best for them and their cancer type has been on the horizon for, well for those of us with Metastatic Cancer, almost a life time. It is always just around …

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Health Communications and Health Advocacy

With deep understanding, health communicators can engage and inspire change, whether in individuals or in society as a whole.


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