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The Elgar Cello Concerto

The only good music is the music that I like. It is the same for everyone, if you love it, it is good music. I may not agree, but that is immaterial. I have loved the Elgar Cello Concerto for many years, but I actually got to hear it played live by Philip Higham at …

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Is Awareness the replacement for innovation?

I have just watched Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business Part II and at the end of the film Dr Julian Whitaker, MD, says something along the lines that the ‘out-reach of Awareness doesn’t cure the disease’. WOW that phrase really made me think. Breast cancer has become about Awareness, but where is the serious work …

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It is about more than just a Pink Ribbon

The Pink Ribbon has become the symbol of breast cancer. The symbol of support, of caring, of donating to ‘the cause’. Many of us have heard the anger of those with other forms of cancer who think that breast cancer gets way more than its fair share of the cake and in some ways I …

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Pink number plates?

In California they are trying to get Pink Ribbon license plates for cars. They could go along with ‘honk your horn if you support Breast Cancer awareness’ bumper stickers. In the UK there are strict regulations about the appearance of number plates so this would not be allowed, but I wonder if it is …

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Do it your own way …

because no one walks in your shoes … just saw a picture on facebook with this saying on it and it is so true! After all, who else can do it for you? Everyone has their own opinion on how things should be done – it’s my way or the Highway. Think how awful it …

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Short video about the Metastatic Quilt project

What do you think of this short video? The ribbon is mine – dark pink for Metastases, black for mourning, and light pink for breast cancer.

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