Why are so many against Integrated Medicine?


All but one of the contributors to this series of talks is a M.D. so why do people not listen to what they have to say first and then make up their own minds. This series is running this week only (week beginning 20 May 2013), it is free (only on the day of transmission but you can purchase later) and if Dr Forsythe’s interview is anything to go by it is all about using conventional medicine with alternative medicines with cutting edge medical research.

Why is it that when the scientific establishment says that diet can help cause cancer, is it then said that changing your diet will not affect your prognosis? Why is it that it is shown that the lack of a vitamin, mineral or other compound can contribute towards cancer, why is supplementation to correct the deficiency not seen as a way of trying to right the balance and help fight the cancer?

Just asking …


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