From Outrage To Action … please read

One of the worst aspects of having Metastatic Breast Cancer is that so few understand what this means.  I wrote to my Member of Parliament about the EUs plans to restrict access to supplements and Chinese Herbal Medicine and mentioned that I had Stage IV/Metastatic/Secondary breast cancer.  In his reply he gave a typically wishy washy formula Party answer, and then hoped that I would be better soon!  Wow – I gasped at that because it just showed his clear lack of understanding of those of us with MBC and for those of us who want to take an Integrated Medical approach.  There may be progress in treating primary cancer but for those of us with Metastatic disease …

I hear many people say that breast cancer gets too big a share of the research ‘pot’ and it is not fair and sometimes I actually retort that are they aware that only about 3% actually goes to researching the kind of breast cancer that kills and that most of it is spent on prevention and awareness.  How does prevention and awareness help you when you have metastatic disease (where the cancer has spread from the original site to other parts of the body or organs of the body whilst retaining the characteristics of the original cancer) and you are told that there is no cure and it will eventually kill you (unless a bus, etc., gets there first).

Please read this excellent blog so you can understand the situation better –


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