The meaning we give to things

I was just looking at the Huffington Post – – for ideas for the All-Ways Healthy campaign we are having at work starting 11 March.  I stopped at this quote.

“Nothing has meaning besides the meaning we give it! It’s not about ‘positive thinking,’ it’s about ‘powerful thinking’ — realize that in any given moment, you can choose to find an empowering meaning in every situation — one that puts you in a space of love, hope and happiness.”  — Marie Forleo

The piece is entitled ‘Happiness Tips: 13 Experts Weigh In On The Pursuit Of Joy’.  Pursuing happiness sounds like an oxymoron but then I began to think that happiness rarely just happens to us, it is something that we have to look for and maybe even more importantly it is something that we have to learn to recognise.

The biggest mistake that we make is thinking that happiness is a big thing.  I can only be happy if my cancer is gone when I have come to realise that happiness is having another day.  The fact that I have cancer has somehow become irrelevant to my being happy as I have come to see each day as the ultimate ‘victory’.  For me, ‘positive thinking’ is actually a very negative thing because happiness cannot stay at the forefront of my life all the time, and I have ultimately learned to embrace the negative times so that I can release them and let them run their course.  Doing this has actually taken a lot of the power from the negative times because I don’t try to hold on to it and allow it to keep moving.

Happiness is not a constant in my life, because it would no longer be happiness, it would just be the normal state of my life.  The normal is what we take for granted and what becomes the benchmark of our existence.  Happiness is the moments that brings a smile to my face and a glow to my heart; it is something that lightens my day and which makes living with Metastatic Breast Cancer easier for me.  Making the choice to look for happiness means that I am empowering my own life, and taking the power from the cancer.  I am not stupid enough to think that ultimately I will win out over cancer but this tortoise is going to give the cancer hare a race it won’t forget too soon; and occasionally a tortoise has been known to outwit the hare …


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