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Meditation is also an Advocacy Challenge

I have been doing Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge which is just coming to an end.  I freely admit that I am a few days behind because I just haven’t got around to it some days.  Sometimes this is because of fatigue and others I have just forgotten about it if I didn’t have the …

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Pay It Forward

It can be hard to think of the future or what you can do for others when you have Metastatic Cancer of any form.  Certainly when you are first diagnosed you seem to get caught up in a vortex of emotions – despair and determination, anger alongside relief that there is actually a reason you …

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Why isn’t there more info about good nutrition?

Science is quick to tell us that diet is a big factor in the risks of developing cancer of any type.  Unlike the correlation between tobacco and lung cancer the contribution of diet to developing other cancers cannot be as clearly reduced to just a few things.  It isn’t like having a nut allergy where they …

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Healing is a many splendored thing

There has been a post on a forum about Chinese Herbal Medicine.  The person who posted it had had a consultation with a Chinese Herbalist and was wondering whether to actually get the prescription filled.  The herbalist had prescribed about 7 different herbs for her to take and she is already following an Integrated Medical approach to …

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All-Ways Healthy campaign at work

So I came up with this Wizard idea to have a health promotion week at work.  Just why do I open my mouth some times?  It took a while for the Principal of the college to agree (why does management always move at a snails pace when it comes to making a decision?) and now …

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The meaning we give to things

I was just looking at the Huffington Post – – for ideas for the All-Ways Healthy campaign we are having at work starting 11 March.  I stopped at this quote. “Nothing has meaning besides the meaning we give it! It’s not about ‘positive thinking,’ it’s about ‘powerful thinking’ — realize that in any given moment, …

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Health Communications and Health Advocacy

With deep understanding, health communicators can engage and inspire change, whether in individuals or in society as a whole.


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