Starting a web site

I have been thinking about starting an Inspired Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy website.  The only problem is that I know bugger-all about websites and I don’t really have the finances to start anything too grand – or at least to splash out on something that I have no idea how it works.  So far the reach of the IMBCA group has been restricted to this blog, a twitter account (that I haven’t used for ages) and the facebook groups.  However a lot of people don’t want a facebook page, and/or don’t like the idea of signing up for one, and the same goes for Twitter.

The other problem is continuity.  What happens if my cancer suddenly accelerates and I fall off my perch.  What happens to it then, especially if it is one that needs to be paid for.  I was the administrator of a Ning social site which was for secondary cancer or any sort, but then they started to charge so we moved to Social Go, and then they started to charge as well.  They were nice enough to say that we could continue with it for a year without charge, but then the members stopped using it no matter how much I tried to keep things going, so I am glad I didn’t start paying for the site.

Also what happens when I can’t get access to the site?  I am hoping that this PC will not give up on me for quite a while yet, but the old one did back in October or November of last year and I was basically without access for about 3 weeks, maybe more, and I also lost a lot of the project that I was working on and which I had to start all over again.  More about that another time because one phase of that is getting near completion.

I have come across a site that provides free basic websites and I have put something together on there.  It nearly drove me to distraction at times, but I have launched it today but I’ve only told a couple of people as I would like some feedback first about what they think of it.  I guess I could approach the IT department at the College where I work and see if there are any students in need of a project … but then I don’t like the idea of kids having access to, and knowledge about an advocacy group.  Hmmm.




  1. susan cooper

    What is the site called Vicki? Can we check it out? Yu don’t think we have a lot of sites going at present…I, for one, get confused….we have the Inspire site, then the facebook sites…2 or 3 of them.

  2. We are connected through FB or twit, I had the same problem as you and I tried several things (intuit or homestead) and felt ripped off and out of control. You can try this for a month and see if you like it. You can be in complete control or get help 24/7.

    This is the site I built with it:

    I hope this helps or least gives you ideas.

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