What will this year be like … I wonder

What will my future be … I wonder.  I should be so excited to be out in the world to be free …

Yes. The Sound Of Music was on TV over Christmas / New Year again, though I only caught a snatch of it, but the year 2013 … not sure I like the sound of that.  Must be something to do with the 13, and this is from someone born on the 13th.  It may have something to do with 2012 being … so … balanced.  Of having special dates like 12 December 2012, the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee.  I guess 2013 sounds as though it might be a bit, well, flat, ordinary, not a year that seems to promise anything exceptional.  But what do I know?  This time next year I might be looking back on it and thinking what an amazing year it has been.  After all, at the start of last year I never would have thought I would hold an Olympic torch!

2012 was a year to remember, though the first half wasn’t too promising with spending my birthday in hospital with cellulitis and two weeks of IV antibiotics, then an infection in the PICC line they had to insert because of all the injections that those involved and the state of my veins.  Then there was the possible progression of the cancer, which turned out not to be, then being threatened with redundancy and having to apply for a new job … I could go on, but what it the point?  Why linger on what was bad with last year?  Actually it seems a bit strange to be calling it last year anyway.  What will I take from the year?

The wonderful British weather.  Yes, 2012 was a year when we all got so used to the rain that we no longer really noticed it until it got to the point of getting the plans for an Ark out of the drawer and getting together some of the timber to start building in the back garden.  2012 was almost the wettest year on record, but just lost out to 2000 (I believe), but bearing in mind that there was very little rain until April that means that we had most of it in the last 9 months of the year.  Actually there has always been something I rather like about rain, which is a good thing when you are British.  Somehow a wet day is just, well, more fun!  It is a bit like scuffing through leaves in the autumn and hearing them crunch under your feet, it is fun and makes you feel like a little child again.  But there are times when it is not welcome and luckily it held off for my niece’s wedding in May.  The Thursday before we had begun to wonder if we would need a boat rather than a car to get her to the church on time, but 12 May 12 (yes, one of those dates) turned out to be lovely and sunny and the plan came together.

I was walking down to the hospital this afternoon to have my pre-treatment blood test and I was trying to concentrate on the sounds around me.  There is a cut that I go down where it the ground is deep in pine needles and you can’t really hear your steps, and it feels like walking on a very plush carpet with a faint aroma of pine as it is crushed beneath my hooves.  I was listening to the birds singing; those that haven’t deserted England for warmer foreign shores, and their song seems to be even more beautiful at this time of year because there is less of it and also because it is a reminder that there is spring to come.  It was overcast, chilly and damp, but still a lovely day to be out and about, and to prove to myself that I can still walk that far with my trusty Nordic Walking Poles in hand.

The thing is that I can still do things.  They make take even more determination than they did even last year, but there are my own little metastatic mountains to climb and conquer and after all the patriotic celebrations of last year I have some flags to plant to mark my achievements!

Health, happiness and peace to all, and a Happy New Year.


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  1. Theresa Palomares

    Glad to see your back in action and none to soon to start the new year off with a reflection of the year past-I always enjoy reading your tales of wonderous adventure and your ever so realistic descriptions of the weather from your side of the pond! I look forward to reading about your travels through the city scapes and urban sidewalks as I live vicariously through them! Happy New Year to you as well!

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