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3rd of the 3rd of 2013

The Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation have declared the 3rd of March 2013 to be the inaugural Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day.  Good for them! I actually don’t see why we can’t do this for Metastatic Breast Cancer – say the 4th April, 4/4, for Stage IV.  That way we wouldn’t get lost in the …

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My Metastatic 5th Birthday

Who’d have thought it – my right hip is 5 years old today (chorus:  hippy birthday to you, hippy birthday to you…) and although this isn’t the day when they finally realised that I had mets, it is the day that I celebrate another year of life.  So, I hear you ask, how did I …

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Time is valuable

How many of us have gone through life not noticing the passing of time?  Yes, it is marked by birthdays and anniversaries, but do you really notice each day, or do they merge into a largely faceless past? The diagnosis of Metastatic Breast Cancer triggers the response that I don’t have time.  But how much …

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What were you doing 5 years ago today?

Most people won’t be able to remember, but I will probably never forget.  I had an appointment at the chemo clinic for a check-in with the oncologist and to collect my second dose of adjuvant Xeloda as part of a trial.  I was, according to the hospital, Stage II and had an 80% chance of …

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How do we get involved?

Is there really anything that I can do to really get Metastatic Breast Cancer at the centre of the breast cancer community?  I seems to be a daunting task but I think it is one that can be achieved.  I think, maybe more like hope, that the world is getting a bit more real about …

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Coming Out …

My name is Victoria and I have Metastatic Breast Cancer.  I have had a diagnosis of bone metasteses for 4 years 355 days (applause) and I have incurable cancer. I have been thinking that it is about time we all came out of the closet and declared to the world that we are living with …

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What will this year be like … I wonder

What will my future be … I wonder.  I should be so excited to be out in the world to be free … Yes. The Sound Of Music was on TV over Christmas / New Year again, though I only caught a snatch of it, but the year 2013 … not sure I like the sound …

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