So many with MBC think that no one cares

“The first time round I never had to cook a meal and everyone came to help”.  “The first time round the hospital couldn’t do enough to support me, but this time it seems to be ‘here is your next appointment and there is the door'”.  “The first time round” is of course having Early Stage Breast Cancer and if you ask a lot of people with Metastatic Breast cancer there is a definite sense of passing to the ‘dark side’ of hopelessness, loneliness and quite frankly no one giving a damn because you now carry the label ‘incurable’.

Why do people support those with Early Stage BC but will not support someone with MBC.  Who actually, in reality, needs more support – someone who has an end date for their treatment, who may never have to face a recurrence, who will be able to walk away from cancer even though it’s shadow may fall over their life for many years to come?  Or is the person who needs support the one who knows that they will be on some sort of treatment for the rest of their life, that they have gone through the ‘best before’ date and is still good, but who has passed that invisible barrier of being at their best; who is the one who needs some meals cooked, the house cleaned, someone to listen … ?

Why do people find it so difficult to give to others without expecting anything in return?

A person isn’t dead until the moment their heart and brain stop functioning.  Even if they are in a coma they can hear music, listen to you speaking; they remain a person, a human being.  Just because they can’t be cured doesn’t mean that they are not worth investing in.  How lonely do you think it is to know that the end of your life has started to move towards you, rather than staying at a distance on the horizon as a vague reality?  No one wants to be a burden to others we want to feel that we can contribute to the quality of your life while we struggle to find a way to create a quality of life for ourselves even though that life has been diminished just with the knowledge of what the future holds for us.  Every day now matters, every birthday is a triumph to celebrate, every breath of life is a miracle.

So why not celebrate these triumphs and miracles with us and lend us helping hand because we don’t like to ask for fear of rejection and being a burden. Help us celebrate LIFE.


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  1. theresa palomares

    Yes maam! I second that!

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