TW3 – an amazing week!

In the 60’s there was a TV programme on the BBC called ‘That Was The Week That Was’, or TW3.  I have to say that this has been an amazing week with one new addition to the family just two days before another member of the family became a legal adult.  Of course I use the term legal adult because 18 may be recognised by the law as the age of maturity but lets face it everyone hits it at different time, and frankly some of us are still waiting.

Sophie arrived at 00.56 on Monday 12 November 2012 be caesarean section and although things didn’t go as smoothly as hoped and she had to spend some time in the Neo Natal unit because she wasn’t breathing too well, this may have had more to do with all the meds her mother (my niece Vicky) was given, which included too much epidural so that she was almost numb up to her armpits!  They came home on Wednesday evening and I went along to see them and have a cuddle after my Tai Chi class on Thursday and before going into work.  Not that I am in any way biased or anything like that, but she is very cute.

On 14 November we celebrated her aunt Lucy’s 18th birthday, though I didn’t see her on the day because she was at college and then went out with friends in the evening.  By Friday 16th November she has just about recovered from her first legal hangover so all the family went over to The Lamb at Winkton where Vicky had booked some tables as there were about 16 of us in all.  I took Vicky, Trevor, Sophie and Holly (Trevor’s other daughter) and evidently that was the first car ride where Sophie hadn’t screamed all the way.  She fell asleep and slept through to 4am this morning, so hopefully Vicky and Trevor got a few solid hours sleep as well.  Lucy actually spent quite a lot of the evening just watching Sophie sleep, or playing with Holly, who is 7.  Holly has been training Lucy in the art of Aunt-ship over the last year or so, getting her ready for her sister Vicky to have her own baby.

Vicky is already thinking of having more, but then she hasn’t been a mother for a week yet, so she may change her mind!

Trevor didn’t want to miss out on things either, but he almost ruined the whole thing by dropping a knife on his foot which severed the tendon in his little toe, so on the day that Sophie was originally expected he was the one who ended up in hospital!  Eventually they decided to leave the op until after Sophie was born, so later on Monday 12th he had his tendon reattached so now they have all had a medical procedure on the same day!  Trevor – step away from the knife!!!  All a bit hectic and chaotic, but it was all right in the end.

Of course on occasion my mind wanders to how well I will get to know Sophie and will I be around long enough for her to even remember who I was?  Ultimately I am not sure that it matters as there is something that is passed on down a family.  Sophie will have a lot of family, at least on her grandmother’s side of the family who will be able to give her a sense of who she is and where she has come from as she finds her way to where she wants to go, and who she ultimately wants to be.  Somehow I don’t think that connection will ever be lost, no matter how fleetingly some of us may be a part of her story.



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