Back on-line

So about three weeks ago my old PC gave up the ghost and stopped working.  Upon further inspection it was realised that it was beyond help, so sadly I have had to let it go to the great PC recycler in the sky.  Yesterday I picked up my new PC and today I picked up the new router from my new Network Provider, so I am back on-line.

It has been really strange to be without my cyber friends and connections, and as a consequence I have no idea what is going on.  I don’t watch TV any longer and I’m not even sure where the remote control is.  I don’t read papers, and only listen to the radio in the car so the internet is my main contact with the outer world and it is going to take a while to catch up with things.

This new PC runs Windows 8, and so far I hate it but as I’ve only had the PC for less than 24 hours I need to give it time.  Probably if you have had an iPad or iPhone it would be easier to use but at the moment I am a bit lost.  As for the internet connection – wow it is wonderful to have a connection that doesn’t break down every few minutes as the old connection was starting to drive me up the wall because I broke down so often.  So far I am one happy customer, though this is also early days.  I must say that one thing I like about this new PC is the keyboard; very smooth and light to the touch.  Strange how different keyboards can feel and sound.  My keyboard at work has a really noisy space bar, or so it seems to me, and although I used that PC to try and keep up with things before or after starting work it is just not the same as having a computer and connection at home.

There are days when I wake up early, or during the night and I like to spend a bit of time on the computer if my mind starts to race onto things that it shouldn’t.  Sometimes the brain can be an enemy of my peace of mind; that frame of mind that can just happily bumble through the day without becoming obsessed by just one train of thought and is just happy to be.  Then there are the times when the brain will become caught on a train of thought, on the fact that I am going to die sooner rather than later; that gets stuck on what is going on at work; on my powerlessness.  It is the difference between the knowledge that winter is coming and the leaves are falling and the nights drawing in and the knowledge that the leaves are turning the most amazing colours as they leave us for a while.  Autumn is actually about the leaves turning and falling and the attendant joy of being able to scuff through the fallen leaves like a little child with Wellies on, snuggled inside a warm coat, listening to them crunch beneath my feet and fly up in the air briefly as I plough through them.  Yes winter is coming and the nights are drawing in, these are the days of being able to snuggle up with a hot drink and light some candles and write a blog, watch a favourite film or read a good book.  I choose to embrace the onset of winter because it means that Spring will be on its way sooner than we realise but it reminds me to value the sunlight and each day as it comes.

I’ve just lit a votive candle and I’m ready to find out what is going on with everyone else.


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  1. We have missed you! I have missed you! Better get a larger candle than a votive as you have a lot of catching up to do! Love your enthusiastic attitude towards embracing winter as it is the seasons of our lives that we hold dear-maybe some more than others-but with each season, we tie a special bond with; feelings of our childhood when we would race to break out the ice skates out of the closet or to go camping in the summer with friends, it is these seasons-good and bad-that keeps us hoping for more pleasurable moments and it is these moments that keep us hoping for another day, another season, another breathe of fulfilled contentment that keeps are spirit alive! Glad to see you are up and running again my friend!

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