Sandy, stop it now and play nicely

I have been thinking of everyone in the path of hurricane Sandy and hoping that you are all safe and secure.  I can’t get on to facebook this morning so I can’t check how things are doing.  Maybe it is based in New York City … who knows.

Here, in Tunbridge Wells in England, it is a calm autumnal morning with a bit of mist which may well get burned away by the sun a bit later in the day.  Sitting here looking out of the hotel window it is hard to believe that there is anything too wrong with the world.  How wrong is that impression of the world, especially for some of you right now.  Say what you like about the English weather, but on the whole we don’t get extreme events and it lives in the memory when we have a very hot summer (1976 anyone?) or cold winter like last winter.  My mother remembered trying to get home in the Cotswolds in 1947 and having to follow the tops of the telegraph poles to find her way.

The nearest I have come to a hurricane is 25 years ago when a weather forecaster assured everyone that claims that a hurricane was on its way were wrong, and he is forever remembered for that.  I remember waking up and thinking it was a bit blustery outside, shutting the window and going back to sleep.  The next morning when I walked round to work there were trees down and I was wondering what the heck had been going on!  Some of the buildings at college had trees down through them … but then there are those who say that it wasn’t really even a hurricane.

It is scary that something so natural can wreak such havoc in our lives, and it shows how little control we really have over things.  Humans like to think that we are all-powerful but Sandy shows that Mother Nature can still be much more powerful than anything we have, or hopefully ever will, develop.  Of course this will bring Climate Change to the forefront of the media, and it has been rather ignored in the American presidential election.  Why is it so impossible for people to realise that we all need a little more harmony in our lives and the best place to start is within ourselves.  I struggle with my inner hurricane every now and then, but I try to create the perfect calm morning and the journey to find that calm means that life is always ‘interesting’ to say the least.

Stay safe and I hope the sun comes out for you all soon.


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