Can an individual make a difference? Or Pinkwasher taken to the laundry!

Yes, if getting a company to stop Pinkwashing is anything to go by.  I noticed on facebook yesterday that a company that we have been focusing on because they were selling Pink Ribbon clothing without making any donation to any breast cancer charity has decided to make a donation to a breast cancer charity.

Facebook member GL (won’t put her name on here for her own privacy but you can go to lucy Activewear’s facebook page and hunt for this post

Here comes Pinktober and with it the indiscriminate marketing of a deadly disease. Read what Lucy Activewear had to say when asked how purchases of their “BCA Collection” support breast cancer programs: “Any company can put a pink ribbon on its products. The widely recognized pink ribbon symbol is not regulated by any agency and does not necessarily mean it effectively combats the breast cancer epidemic. Can you tell me how much money from my purchase of Lucy BCA wear will go to support breast cancer programs? Can you please tell me what breast cancer programs Lucy supports?” Within a few hours this was the response: …

“I regret to inform you that we don’t have an affiliation with any charities at this time including BCA, however we do hope to in the future.” So, they admit they are just turning a profit on breast cancer. As someone approaching the 1st anniversary of my diagnosis, I find this incomprehensible. The fact that Lucy has made no public comment despite a number of posts asking them to clarify their position only makes it even more unbelievable. Perhaps they are scrambling behind the scenes to put together an arrangement with a breast cancer program……or perhaps they just don’t care. We won’t know for sure until they tell us.  · 10 September at 21:02 near Tucson, AZ
It took them until about 4th October before they began to post replies like this; and by the way I am not the Victoria they were replying to.  The post and its reply were to VK.
Using the pink breast cancer ribbon on your line of clothing then donating NONE OF YOUR PROFITS to breast cancer awareness or women living with breast cancer is nothing more than greed. It is saddening and offensive. I really liked your running clothing, past tense.

Like · · Thursday at 21:03

  • lucy Activewear Sorry to hear Victoria. We have made a donation in support of The National Breast Cancer Foundation. I hope we don’t lose you as a customer.
    It took a lot of pressure from a lot of individuals to get them to start making a donation to The National Breast Cancer Foundation.  After all if they were making a donation in the first place why didn’t they immediately make this known.  Why wait about four weeks?  If any company has good motives and intentions in the first place why don’t they make it clear who they are donating to, and how much they are donating?  I realise that companies must get a lot of requests to help out various non-profits in a variety of ways, but the thing is that they all know that the Pink Ribbon will sell.  To a certain extent it is a bit of a no-brainer, it is just a matter of how many units they think they can shift off the shelves.  After all how much does Pink Ribbon merchandise actually take out of their profits when you bear in mind the goodwill and positive PR that is involved when a company shows that they care.  It’s just what do they care more about?  The cause, or the profit?

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