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The Pink-Ness Monster

There are reports that attacks from the Pink-Ness Monster are imminent as it has been spotted lurking on the edge of October ready to pounce.  She is large and, of course, pink and resembles a T-Rex as she is big, loud and has a very small head with a small brain which has focused in on only …

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How much does the Pink Ribbon represent who I am?

Am I a Pink Ribbon? If you had asked me a few years ago when I was first diagnosed I would have said yes, and I embraced the whole Pinktober thing.  And now, I hear you ask.  Now I know that I am not a Pink Ribbon, and I say this not only with bitterness …

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The other side of the Pink Ribbon – guest blog

This is a letter written by Anne Loeser on the Inspired Metastatic Breast Cancer Advocacy group’s facebook page.  It is a letter she has sent to a local paper in Utah. The Other Side of the Pink Ribbon Each autumn as the leaves fall, we find ourselves in the midst of Breast Cancer Awareness Month …

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Lost Inspiration

I belong to a forum called Inspire, and I call the members the Inspirettes.  Sadly we lose members on a frequent basis, and when I was looking back I began to realise that of those replying to a certain post I am the only one who is still alive.  Of course there are even more members …

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Pinktober is on its way to a Hard Rock Cafe near you!

In fact the Hard Rock organisation has registered the word Pinktober as a brand name!  Can you believe it?  Maybe they are not aware that this is a word that was coined about the exploitation of Pink and the Pink Ribbon by various organisations for corporate profit in the guise of supporting Breast Cancer Awareness …

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The significance of the day

I have just notice that it is the 18th of September.  This is memorable for two reasons.  First it was the day my mother was born in 1921, and second it was five years ago today that I had my mastectomy.  The fact the it is the anniversary of my mothers birth is the only …

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Cancer has the power of Death over me, and I have the power of Life over it.

Finding a way of dealing with something that fundamentally changes your world can take a while.  It did for me because I had no support from other METAthrivers.  Not having contact with others in a similar situation makes understanding what it happening very difficult.  When I was told that my cancer was considered incurable and would …

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If they don’t understand, do we have any real chance?

I started an iPetition which I was hoping to send to Cancer Research UK and I sent requests for support to various people that I knew.  Imagine my surprise when I had a reply from someone who is a ‘survivor’ of Early Stage Breast Cancer to basically say that she didn’t feel she could sign …

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It is my way, or the highway

Ok, so after the non-start to my new post at work that was so noticeable about last week, and the promise of at least a temporary perch on a desk with a phone, today I decided to just get on with it and do it my way.  Frank may have done it his way in …

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Introducing NED and LEON

I have been completely enclosed by the feeling that I don’t matter, trying to advocate for metastatic breast cancer doesn’t matter, that actually nothing matters. I have never felt that I truly belonged anywhere, except maybe at one MBC forum that is in America.  They have started a new project and because I am not resident …

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