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Why not join an established advocacy group?

I started the group because of the number of people on Inspire who felt that they wanted to do something about funding, recognition and awareness of metastatic breast cancer.  To be quite frank because I am fed up to the back teeth with the Pinkness of breast cancer which excludes mets, except as a number …

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Why are they so scared?

I have been called a Troll for some of the opinions I have expressed.  I am not invading other sites, and basically if you choose to read this then you should accept that this is my opinion.  Apologies if others don’t like what they see as my attacks on the Pinkness of the breast cancer …

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In a bit of a mess this morning

I forgot my pain meds last night, which probably explains why I slept so badly and why this morning I have been struggling to get around the house.  I have become used to pain over the years and to a certain extent I ignore it, until it begins to affect my whole body.  The breast cancer …

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One day in Pinktober

I have been trawling around breast cancer charity sites in the UK to try and find out what they are doing to help publicize Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  The answer seems to be a big fat nothing, and we have no charities specifically for MBC. For those of you who are not aware (so …

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Taking the sex out of breast cancer.

A lack of education about the fact that all people with breasts can develop this disease, and that this includes the male of the species, leads to too many men being diagnosed at Stage IV, with metastatic breast cancer.  Anyone with breasts has a risk of breast cancer and as men have breasts this includes them.  This is …

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A diagnosis such as mine brings focus to life.  It is a focus, however, that changes over time.  At first the focus is on the fear, anger and bewiderment that comes with being told that you have a disease for which there is no cure.  But is didn’t take me too long before I began …

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Rain drops keep falling on my head

Well actually they don’t because it is raining outside today and I have run out of energy to get out of the door and go somewhere.  Does this mean that this is a bad day – heck no.  Any day is a good day, even when they don’t go to plan, and more importantly even …

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Pink Ribbon Barbie

There actually is a Pink Ribbon Barbie (actually there are three though why exactly I am surprised about this I am not sure.  Surely the two go together so perfectly.  Gorgeous Pink Barbie and the gorgeous Pink Survivors.  I have just had a guick look and evidently there are several Pink Ribbon dolls, including …

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50 Shades Of Pink

The top selling book in the UK at the moment is a rather steamy novel called ’50 Shades Of Grey’ about the relationship between a young woman and an older man who warns her to stay away from him because he is controlling.  Maybe Metastatic Breast Cancer should really be ’50 Shades of Pink’.  Actually …

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Forgotten in a Pink World?

I was sitting in a chapel in Ely Cathedral this afternoon and reflecting on the dedication of the chapel.  The focus is on prisioners of conscience and victims of torture.  The reredos of the altar shows the implements associated with the life of Christ including the scourge, the crown of thorns, nails and hammer.  The …

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